This takes a few seconds while the name is broadcast. The drive is being powered correctly; it opens and closes as it should. The strategy routine is expected to save the pointer in local storage for use by the interrupt routine when it processes the request. Perhaps it’s a simple misconfiguration. When a request exceeds this, the client makes multiple requests to the server. Installation fails if the net name cannot be added to the NetBIOS name table for any reason except a duplicate name in the table. Does anybody know how I would be able to gain access to the MS-DOS prompt and use the computer while the driver is loaded?

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The request header is sent to the server first, followed by any accompanying data. It appears that much was removed from this old computer; almost as if someone got into the hard drive and started deleting things willy-nilly. This takes a fd seconds while the name is broadcast.

I don’t have a boot disk or any other software for the Compaq you don’t get much for free. That is, a device header followed by the strategy and interrupt procedures.

If you want to be able to read cd-rom drives using windows while running Cc programs in a DOS window, restart windows do the following When an object of such a type is included in a record type it is aligned at an offset divisible by four with filler bytes inserted as needed to effect the alignment.


DOS driver commands required commands are in upper case, optional commands in lower case, inapplicable commands in italics.

This will decompress the self-extracting file onto the floppy diskette. Jim wrote his redirector to interface to his own SCSI device driver.

I don’t know just what DriverGuide offered you, but there are some drivers that tended to work on almost all drives, and use up far less conventional memory than most other CD drivers. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. This is repeated until all the sessions have been assigned clients. Results 1 to msccdex of 16 Thread: Immediately following the call to the nscdex routine a second call is made to the interrupt routine, which retrieves the request and processes it.

But the rest of your answer was helpful, so I didn’t. Not that I’m accusing you of any wrongdoing– it’s just that I’m sure you’d hesitate to accept a file from a stranger, especially when they offer it so openly. Primary channel 1 Secondary channel 2 channel 3 channel 4. If the commands are placed at the end of mcdex file, make certain that the last line is terminated with a return.

There’s an outline type here.

WinWorld: MS CD Extensions (MSCDEX)

Email Required, but never shown. If the file is not found, you have to fd make a new folder in the hard drive the example below uses a folder called CDROM and copy the contents of the floppy diskette to the hard drive into that folder. Though upon checking the floppy disk director, it seemed like it could read it most of the time. This leads me to believe that I have the drive and its driver msdcex up correctly.


BAT, you should get two messages, one from each part of the driver, that will tell you the status of the driver load. The BIOS does not recognize the drive either.

Unfortunately, the real world seldom affords such luxury. The second problem relates to discriminant records.

Microsoft DOS mscdex command

I this example the mwcdex “D: You of course replace this name on the config. What specific errors are you getting when booting? Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. The device is then closed to release the handle. I was tempted to downvote based on the first sentence.

Ping is NOT an acronym! Here I am unsure if the same would apply.