Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. SMPlayer crashed, but MPlayer is still running. SMPlayer will try its best to work with older versions, but some options may not work. December 23, , What’s the best video output driver to use with an Ivybridge HD graphics card? Sign up using Facebook. What’s the best video output driver to use with an Ivybridge HD graphics card.

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How can I change the key shortcuts? If you notice that problem try win32 instead. The time now is Anyway if SMPlayer crashes, it’s a serious bug that should be fixed.

You can get it from the MPlayer download page.

What about the quality setting? Quite possibly your bug is already known and fixed, even though it may still be present in the version you are using.

SMPlayer Support Forum

February 27th, 4. What’s the best video output driver to use with an Videoo HD graphics card Thanks for the tip. Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct.

There is a horizontal line about three fourths the way up the screen that is not keeping up. SMPlayer is the window you see, the menus, the preferences dialog In control center it set to Geforce and later, which I think is correct.


With some formats ike mp4 or ogmMPlayer can’t change the audio track at runtime.

Is there a document somewhere describing each of mplayer’s video output drivers and why’d you’d want to pick that one for a given circumstance or why it exists Would someone be willing to write that out here?

I don’t like esd or arts, they use to use more CPU. March 1st, 9. December 23, Hi, I’ve been using SMPlayer to play an assortment of movie files and am finding that they either freeze sporadically or the video tears with the smallest of camera movements. Failing to do that will just waste the time of all participants in the communication while you are asked to provide the information described there anyway.

Chapter 4. Video output devices

I followed the instructions here and it now works perfectly. Sometimes that information is more interesting to come by. VIDIX on the console winvidix: October 06, I happened to have my TV on and tv-out enabled on my computer, and when I applied sdl, my tv showed a perfectly downscaled clone of the video playing in fullscreen on my monitor.


I was looking online for optimal settings and I ran across a couple things, but not being an expert I wanted to ask your guy’s advice about it. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

For Nvidia, I have nvidia-current and xdriver-video-nouveau What terminal command do I enter to find my current video vvideo On Windows is quite common that some MPlayer builds fail because they have been compiled with no support for some feature that SMPlayer tries to use.

The GUI section of the documentation explains how to enable it. If you are confident that your problem is a real bug in the current version, dive into the bug reporting guidelines and follow the instructions. Email Required, but never shown.

(s)mplayer and video output driver

But most users may find it hard to use it. Ooutput 27th, 2. One word to a wise man; one lash to a bright horse. DVD menus, where are they?