Stirrers and Stir Bars. Approximately each 6 months a new update of the Motic Images plus 2. Motic offers a wide variety of microscope software that can be used both for educational and professional fields. Filtering Flasks and Microplates. Stir Bars and Rods. It turns your digital microscope into true multi-media device.

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For Use With Equipment. Solid Phase Extraction Products. Stir Bars and Rods. Stir Bars and Rods.

Moticâ„¢ Camera Moticam 2

Good to know Routine software. Motic Images Plus 3. For those more forensic-minded, use the simple image comparison page to quickly compare images side by side.

Pipette Tips and Racks. Foetal Calf and Other Sera.

Moticâ„¢ Camera

Please sign in to view account pricing and product availability. All Syringes and Needles.

All Syringes and Needles. Lab Coats, Aprons and Apparel. For Use With Equipment. Understanding our USB Cameras Glasses, Goggles and Face Protection.


Syringes and Syringes with Needles. Storage Boxes and Containers. There are two ways to mount your Moticam into your microscope. Autosampler Vials, Caps, and Closures. Captures the perfect image through the MI Devices interface and transfers it to the Motic Images Plus application program.

Wipes mottic Absorbent Pads. Shakers, Rockers, and Rotators.

Hazardous Materials Storage and Disposal. Our well-known Motic Images Plus 2. Bottletop Diluters and Dispensers. Glass Beads and Stopcocks. See what your Moticam box includes.

Software Download – Panthera,Microscope and Microscopy Solutions by Motic

Racks for Tubes and Vials. View All Cell Analysis. View All Cell Analysis. First Aid and Medical. Weighing Papers and Dishes. New Motic Images Plus 3. All Pipets, Pipetters and Tips.