Subclass is 01, which means keyboard. Hi, I am new to this forum, I am trying to connect a temp datalogger to host usb shield in order to retry data to my Arduino. Additionally, the MAX handles all fast-reaction timings itself, so our round-trip overheads don’t create any serious problems. I have been using TextPad as an editor — looks to be worth buying. Here is the configuration descriptor:.

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Looks like it would be cheaper than Arduino with built-in BT.

pic controller: MAX – USB Peripheral Controller

It holds keys pressed since last poll. What do you think? Task ; if Usb.

If you are just posting pictures or videos with no further write-up, please use the ‘Gallery’ tag. The CSR chips do comply very well to the bluetooth spec, so that is the base reference.


Hi I am trying to communicate the usb shield to a Magnetic stripe card reader. The module only uses two register locations.

Additionally, the MAX handles all fast-reaction timings itself, so our round-trip overheads don’t create any serious problems. Software may also be dependant on the make of bluetooth dongle and it is hard to make general purpose in terms of drivers. Our rough prototype was refined into a single board, which is documented as the Facedancer10 as part of the GoodFET project.


July 27, at 1: Notice that everything is in Little Endian notation. Nax3420 2, at 3: March 4, at Every device driver included in the operating system is the equivalent of an max340 port!

More on this bug in a later post. Just like the original, some array boundaries aren’t checked, so you can expect a crash or two if the host says things it oughtn’t.

To switch to this mode, device needs to be told what configuration to use. This allows us to write USB devices entirely in host-side Python, fuzzing for device-driver vulnerabilities wherever we like. Hi Oleg, how can I add something like Keyboard. A useful or insightful technical note on component selection, circuit design or testing etc.

BeagleBone Black Cape for Experimenting with Linux USB Slave Drivers : electronics

This can be done. The so-called Boot protocol was designed to provide basic keyboard and mouse data exchange for cases when operating system resources are not available, i.

April 25, at 2: It is not more difficult, but it is designed along different lines, with a different philosophy and different concepts. I have never seen it to be equal by anything but zero.


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This request tells the keyboard to switch to boot protocol. Arduino with bluetooth modem support to talk to PC. All of the complicated software is in Python on one workstation, while the emulated USB device appears on a second workstation. The dongle that i plan to use is a Ciraga BTA I am having trouble getting the following block of code to compile.