We have traditionally used a 2 bay NAS for supplementary storage, but recently have had a requirement to use much faster storage which is also light and portable. You can either do this prior to booting ESXi or after. Have a technical question? You would need to modify this copy for ESXi to boot using it after the installation has been completed. Dec 4, 5. You can find more details here.

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Have anyone tried connecting two macs areva the same thunderbolt storage and see if can be used as a shared storage? Run this command to verify the vib installed: Guys i have a question.

You can find more details here. This automatically reboots the ESXi host. With this file you can replace default files that ESXi uses or add additional files to the install.

Thunderbolt Storage for ESXi

This next solution was recently shared with me from Marc Huppert who has recently expanded his home lab. I need some help on installing ESXi 6. The VMware logo icon following a username indicates that this user is a VMware employee. We have traditionally used a 2 bay NAS for supplementary dsx, but recently have had a requirement to use much faster storage which is also light and aeeca. Not as nice as being able to monitor via ESX.


Quick use of cooling fan as well as energy resource condition states. I had never installed any drivers in ESXi before and it was very simple. Thanks to Thomas for sharing his solution.

Your name or email address: In theory, you could passthrough the physical device to a windows or Mac VM and manage that way but not something we have every tried or needed to do. This driver worked great for me as Paul mentioned in ESXi 6.

Hi do you have a Solution for the Drobo 5d? For monitoring, we can pick up drive failures or unit issues on the box themselves drive failure — red LED. Thanks to Joshua for sharing his solution.

I would love to have it spin down when not in use. Any suggestions for such a Thunderbolt controller card?


On a bare metal Windows install I got more than twice that. I figured out what I needed!

Do you already have an account? Our team uses these boxes as highly portable ESXi servers that can taken on a flight as carry-on and quickly configured according to workload required. I tried Googleing to no success.


Installing the CIM provider for Areca hardware RAID controllers ()

Please message the qreca and we’ll pull it back in. Any suggestions are welcome! I highly value the silence of my Mac Mini 6,2, but the external drive is ruining this.

Can you tell me the steps you took to get the G-Tech to work? This copy of oem. Yes Todd — we did attempt the upgrade to 6. Our other Mac mini has had ESXi upgraded to 6.

Below are some sample files which enable support for various storage controllers.