This stops happening if I change the 60 Hz resolution to something like For info on how to use and modify Monsamp. Such an override receives higher precedence than the EDID override mentioned here. Others are using it with Windows 8. The first detailed resolution is considered the preferred or native resolution.

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It will not copy the name or serial number, but it will copy the inclusion of these items using the monitor’s own information. Thanks, i copied the custom resolutions to all three entries, and now works fine. I thought some ‘Pro’ monitors had options for ediv. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Enabling EDID override (Workstation menu) on GeForce card : nvidia

All monitors, analog or digital, must support EDID, which contains info such as the monitor identifier, manufacturer data, hardware identifier, timing info, and so on. Manufacturers must wdid only those EDID blocks that are incorrect. Add basic support for DisplayID detailed resolutions. How to downgrade to GeForce Experience 2. Such an override is frequently made available to overrdie through Windows Update or digital media in the shipping box.

  A205 S5831 XP DRIVER

Made range limits compatible with FreeSync monitors Changes in 1. The monitor information is correct. For info on how to use and modify Monsamp. I just checked with a p monitor. It’s possible you’re editing the wrong one.

Overriding Monitor EDIDs with an INF

Search Member List Calendar Help. Other resolutions will be ignored by the driver.

The monitor driver obtains the updated data for the corrected blocks from the registry and uses the EEPROM data for the remaining blocks. How can I enable this menu?

Doing this twice should give you recovery options that you can use to get into safe mode: I can add custom resolutions and everything, but in windows 8 they doesn’t appear.

What video card and monitor are you using? Newer versions fix problems and add features. To reset all displays, run reset-all. Such an override receives higher precedence than the EDID override mentioned here. A better solution, described overridde, is for the manufacturer to implement an INF file that contains the correct EDID info, and have the customer download it to the computer that’s connected to the monitor.


How to override monitor EDID on intel gfx using registry |

The EDID override still takes precedence. Avoid using this option. Restart the driver again to reload any changes. Default extension blocks are provided for compatibility with existing overrides.

A better explanation is available here: Fixed a bug affecting non-PnP monitors since 1. The first resolution under PC is always checked and always matches the current refresh rate.

I’ll try the Windows registry thing. In addition to replacing the EDID info as described here, a vendor can provide an override for the monitor name and the preferred display resolution. Make sure to run reset-all. Choose the type overrride like to provide: