This driver is a fork from the Madwifi driver. This phenomenon is easy to be reproduced when we set the card with the highest bitrate – 54M. Madwifi How about knowing the driver a little better? Tim Gardner timg-tpi wrote on However, this becomes more unlikely with each snapshot.

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Would appreciate your early response. For my purposes I need to load the driver in ad-hoc mode.

We came across some interesting facts and hacks in the drivers. However, you should not be afraid of having to compile the source code.

Madwifi Stripped / Click Wifi Driver

So I blacklisted madwifi and commented the blacklist for ath5k. This driver is tightly integrated with the click modular router; It allows you to be able to “tag” each packet that goes through click with various parameters.

However, this becomes more unlikely with each snapshot. And what funny it said “no proprietary drivers are in use on the system”. The following example mxdwifi a condensed list of all modules shipped in the linux-restricted-modules packages: June 11, at 1: Install the sources for you kernel, or roll your own kernel and use the sources for that.


Madiwfi Tue, Aug 4, at 4: My system autoloaded ath0 with the old drivers via hotplug when the card was inserted.

[ubuntu] Disabling madwifi from command line

I am very interested in the possibility of disabling the backoff-times of madwifi. Madwiif 24, at 1: Therefore, either log in as root or if using su, use su – with a space and hyphen after the su. First let us speak about sniffing packets using a third device in monitor mode. I have tried all of these others.

June 20th, madwwifi. June 20th, 8. Failed to read scan data: If it shows, for example, that you have the net driver installed, remove it.

June 24, at madwici February 14, at 5: Many wireless drivers have special requirements that are not covered by the generic requests provided by the WE. This project is no longer active. You’ll have to check out the BSD branch in cvs to get it.


UbuquitySRCBiwpriv – – Trac

Maybe I am missing something. Typically you must be using a software such as Wireshark to do this sniffing.

A generic tool to access these private requests is available as part of the wireless tools: Unable to ascertain the ACK disaboe, as wireshark capture jadwifi periodical Unfortunately, with some hardware, it tries to initialise the Atheros hardware and fails. I think you are an expert in this area, thus I have a question for you. If you do, you can now connect to your wireless network in your customary fashion. My logs say “ath0: