Licensing, Pricing, Updates, … sales at inetsoftware. CLOB, additional value classes are allowed: The bug that failover in conjunction with a DataSource didn’t work has been fixed. This can be used if you cannot see the default PrintStreams e. Set a FailoverListener via Connection properties:. Table of Contents products:

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The driver has been completely redesigned. The large string parameter had been sent as last iney. In case you would like to file a support request please contact the appropriate address replace at with:. Set a FailoverListener via Connection properties: You downloaded a test-version from our site.

Licensing, Pricing, Updates, … sales at inetsoftware. Those Connection can be received from:. A bug with the method updateString, insensitive updateable result sets and clob columns was fixed. If set to true, getObject x and getDecimal x will ignore the scale of the column definition for a numeric value.

For more information see com. A non signed applet can only connect to a web server, not to other servers.


Fixed the method getGeneratedKeys after a call of Statement. All our drivers are tested with the newest Java version. String, char[], byte[], InputStream. The bug that loadbalancing in conjunction with a DataSource didn’t work has been fixed.

Frequently Asked Questions about i-net JDBC drivers for Oracle Server

Table of Contents products: Contact us by email. Oradrvier following Oracle errors produces SQL states as listed below: CHAR for the data types char and nchar.

The length of the last stream was assumed for all streams. Escape Clauses allow the developer to create statements in a database independent manner. You can also use any other PrintStream to make this output.

A bug in some JDK 1. The driver is completely coded in Java and therefore, it is platform independent and OS independent.

This is important to create a new instance of this class oradrivver reflection. With the interface FailoverListener it is possible to manage the reconnection process. Possible values are tcp and tcps. If you have problems with the driver then you can enable the logging of the driver with: The Connection tries to reconnect to the same server with the same inte. ResultSets from stored procedures ignored settings from Statement such as the query timeout.


Previously you had to use one for small and one for large strings.

Frequently Asked Questions about i-net JDBC drivers for Oracle Server

Those parameter have to reset for every execution. Now setTransactionIsolation throws an exception if the connection is part of an XA transaction.

A bug with the timestamp escape sequence was fixed ORA If reconnection was successful, all Statements, PreparedStatements and CallableStatements will be restored.