We take actual images Callaway Razr Hawk Neutral Tailgate 8 years ago. Forgiveness can only take you so far, after that, the only real options are a better swing, or magic. Thank you, your review has been submitted successfully and will be included on the page once approved.

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A PayPal account is not required in order to donate. For those guys who did hit the Callaway RAZR for us, our subjective scores tell us that most really like the club, and more impressive to the MyGolfSpy staff, the data suggests they actually should.

Callaway RAZR Hawk Driver Review – !

Your name You must enter your name. Overall, our testers missed by a combined average of a little over 18 yards.

Somewhat disappointingly, Callaway, as they have in years passed, has taken a one shaft fits all approach with their stock offering. I likied the driver. My belief is that we may well never see a score above 90 for any club although we have one in testing now that has an outside chance of getting therebut the fact that the Callaway RAZR Hawk was able to entice our testers to circle 10 once, and 9 several more times, tells me that a lot of guys are walking a way very impressed with callwway driver.

In the end, the overall accuracy score shakes out to what will probably prove to be ever so slightly above average. Want MyGolfSpy’s raze newsletter? Quite literally within minutes of reading dallaway original Callaway adsMyGolfSpy reached out to our contacts at both companies.


I liked the Black driverbut decided to purchase the more expensive Razr Hawk thinking it was of better Quality. Like most of us know COR has been maxed for a while now. My 3-metal as well as my 4-hybrid chipped at the paint line.

Based on my conversations with our golfers during our test sessions, I thought the subjective portion of the scoring was actually going to flush out a bit higher especially considering the LOP score. Used Callaway Razr Hawk 9. Though LOP has proven to be the callawzy difficult of categories for any club hoping to receive a decent score from our testers, gawk some respects it can be the most telling. Mary raxr years ago. Browse Related Browse Related. I am hitting at least 12 of 14 driveable fairways now.

Callaway RAZR Hawk Driver

Each club would have to be spec checked for loft,lie and length if your doing a head to head test obviously. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Why not do it?

I just bought a Razr Hawk Driver and experienced the paint chipping. Other then that we could keep making shafts longer and hwak to get more distance while sacrificing accuracy which is not for me. Another great review, the Hawk is a nice driver but I actually preferred the Diablo Octane for myself.


He liked the aesthetics and the feel, but he struggled raz consistency — in callzway, this was one of his worst in this department and it pulled down the overall placing for the Hawk. Alan E 7 years ago. The Best Year for Drivers Ever? My thought is that the top edge of the driver and 3-wood hit the ball approximately at the middle. If you wanted to do a head to head with the R11 I am sure there is someone around your shop that owns an R11 or someone that would be willing to let hawm use theirs.

I was very skeptical at first thinking I had just paid more than a couple hundred for a club that would not help my shots going right.

If I had to pay for a driver. I really like the driver but the paint chipping is a bummer. Our subjective surveys, in many respects, are where the rubber meets the road. Write your review You must enter a review of between and characters.