This list focuses on ones that typically can be economically brought back into service. These are NOT “online” sales from someone you”ve never heard of and will never hear from again. Others can not be made to run on a modern computer. Colortrac Ci Series Brochure. There is one consideration, however: Posted Yesterday Be the first to answer. It’s important to do some research before you buy, if you don’t want to end up with the world’s largest doorstop!

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They were very well built and were famous for their excellent black and white image enhancement – a nice feature if you have a lot of low contrast blueprints and sepias to scan. Posted on Apr 14, Be the first to answer. Marvin Level 3 Expert Answers.

CalComp GTCO CalComp ScanPlus III 800T White

Posted 49 minutes ago Be the first to ii. Answered on Sep 03, These models can for the most part be made to work on a modern computer: Each comes complete with everything that you need except for the PC: Popular Older Model Scanners. My IR Screen does displays nothing else.

If the fuser error does not go away, then the fuser should be replaced.

CalComp GTCO CalComp ScanPlus III ST White Overview – CNET

Answered on Aug 12, This is by no means a comprehensive list of older model scanners. Call us now for the details. Now, screw a couple of them nuts on to each of the new casters and thread those babies into the stand. Many consider the Contex-made ones to be the best of the Oce scanners.


Answered on Jan 15, Be assured that each machine comes complete with everything that you need except for the PC. The pre models that were made by Vidar can be a great choice if you can find a refurbished or used one in good shape at the right price.

If 080t has it, it’s SCSI.

Not finding what you are looking for? Stand up your stand and observe how much smoother it rolls. Scanners do not come with stands unless noted. As of this writing, some key parts for even the older machines are still available, as well as drivers and software.

CalComp GTCO CalComp ScanPlus III T White Overview – CNET

Stock factory machines do have one flaw: If they don’t, you’re not in a REAL hardware store better clcomp it out of there before they try to sell you some kinda mauve sofa doily or somethin’. The scanners that had sold under the Action Imaging umbrella were built like a tank, performed very well, and have proven to be very reliable. Want a quality new scanner on a refurb budget? A power switch does not switch off power into a machine.


Answered on Feb 10, Great machines at very attractive prices to fit any budget: Popular Older Model Scanners The following is information on some of the more popular older models of large and wide format scanners that you’ll typically see on the used market.

ScanPlus III S3-800T

It is a health profession that links health sciences with chemical sciences and aims to ensure the safe and effective use of pharmaceutical drugs. Scan them to the local hard drive first, and then copy them over.

Look for a long, thin pin connector on the back. If it has a fax option installed, make sure the jumper is set to on and restart, or remove sdanplus fax option if you it is not used.

If the bulb is ok, you need to test the psu capacitorsand fix the power supply circuit, or if this is on a separate board, replace the board.