Device ID included in rtsta vendor driver at kernel 2. Works out of the box with WEP on Breezy. Posted by campomlenca 5 years ago. Driver is under development, see http: Silver card; bit WEP; ext. Driver included in mainline kernel.

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Needs ndiswrapper-utils and the broadcom windows driver belkin one doesn’t seem to work.

F5D Driver For Linux – Belkin

Tx power dBm; Driver available at: How to report your wireless device. Tx power 17 dBm; driver available at: No firmware from userspace required. Works after doing this. Tx power 17 dBm; bit WEP; driver available at: Chipset confirmed by Belkin.

Linux wireless LAN support; manufacturer

Firmware from userspace is required. Must install ndiswrapper-utils and your windows driver.

Driver included in mainline kernel since 2. Internal USB device; driver: Tx power 13 dBm; http: Works on Live CD and network install, too! Driver does not support WPA.


Linux wireless LAN support

Silver card; bit WEP; mW outp. This list is arranged in several columns: For more info on specific chipset development, and which drivers are available for which cards yes, there are more drivers available for some cardscheckout Jean Tourrilhes page.

See Truemobile below. Works out of the box with WEP on Breezy. Worked out of the box on Ubuntu 8.

Alternatively supported by the rtusb kernel driver kernel 2. Gold card; bit WEP; ext.

Belkin F5D8011 v3000

Device is also usb storage? Yes Works out of the box on Feisty.

Works well, after editing file Bel This list is a work in progress, it should give you an indication of what is supported, it is by no means guaranteed that it should work for you! If chiprevision is supported: Support of this chipset is in early development.

Tx power dBm; There seems to be a driver at http: Tx power 17 dBm; X-wig ant. Follow instructions at Welcome to Ubuntu for installation instructions. No firmware from userspace required. Post a new question here Driver available from http: For example, if one was looking for a PCI device: Yes Works amazingly under 9.