Thanks for the information. Yes, my password is: Do you already have an account? On Mon, Oct 1, at My problem is with my ‘WIP’ workflow. I have exported from Live, but never thought to perform via the Session view and have that be tracked in the arrangement view. Your name or email address:

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Well full steam ahead for for the Mac version.

Audacity replacement for ASIO pc | DOA | Drum & Bass Forum

Hi Dane, unfortunately, the latest version of Audacity which is accessible using VoiceOver is still the screen reader version of 2. No need for learning coding. Detailed instructions are in the builtin tutorials.

Production Aug 21, This cannot be undone. Monday, 1 October 7: On 2 Octat Well, are you using the latest accessible version or the latest version that was released a while ago? You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Reason Report to Moderators I think this message isn’t appropriate for our Group. BUt i could be wrong. One of its new features is punch and roll recording, which enables asiio to easily correct mistakes immediately after you’ve made them.

I guess I’d need to learn to code then. Log in or Sign up. Do you already have an account?


My old way of working was to ‘play’ out a song in Ableton session view with Audacity recording in the background. I’ve had my share of troubles with sound drivers in Audacity, after a lot of messing with the settings it works ok now.

Audacity can’t seem to record anything now. The Group moderators are responsible for maintaining their community and can address these issues.

Did you try all possible settings for drivers in Audacity?

Definitely a case of suffering from information zudacity, having just gotten into making music in the last year, and as such I kept sticking to something that worked until it stopped working. I could be missing something here, but it’s really easy to record into abletons arrangement view while playing about in session view.

Audacity replacement for ASIO pc

I’ve not used the software in a while so will go and have a look. Your name or email address: Only one problem I’ve witnessed this far in my use of the App, the App doesn’t support Quicktime in its current compiled version so if you have M4A files you aso to work with then you may be out of luck, I’m not surprised by this and there may of course be workarounds, audacty something I’ll look into but in the meantime?


Make sure in your windows assuming here mixer for playback devices, that you right click and choose to show all the devices.

Yes, my password is: This way I could get a axio mp3 of a WIP without sequencing it out and exporting. I can hear tracks played in Audacity but not use it to record my PC audio.

I’m using it here now and thanks again David for the download link. Hi Hamit, due to licencing issues, the standard version of Audacity does not support Asio. I find it silly SF Audio Studio doesn’t though. On 2 Octat 8: Asioo email is included with the abuse report.

I ask because I now have a Zoom Ausacity and to get the full advantages of it as an audio interface which I just find as fancy words for a sound card you must install ASIO drivers.

I haven’t tried recording from Session view to Arrangement view as you suggest.