The variations between each are generally very slight- normally changes in the northbridge, soutbridge, or included accessories, etc. The 12v power connector was located in a somewhat strange spot, below and to the left of the processor but this was not a problem, though aesthetically it is not the best spot. The setup we used was: Show only see all. Immediately we ran CPU-Z and noticed two things. This the is the last board in an evolution of skt boards that have been around since the inception of the P4. At this point we put the audio jacks into the wrong sockets in the back of the computer, which is odd because they are color-coded.

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In this range we ran the CPU at stock voltage, and the memory at 1.

The upcoming BIOS, v, which is in Beta now, will be interesting to check out and see if these issues can be helped. The socket is placed along the top of the board p4o800 is usually good for clearance when using a larger heatsinks. The main problems with the P4P SE are all external.

There are aeustek two connectors for the IDE drives and one for a floppy drive. Note the board does not come included with Firewire compatibility. Here are the two SATA ports. It is layed out in a confusing way and some of the most important features are either tucked away or made to be less accessible than normal.


ASUS P4P800 SE – motherboard – ATX – Socket 478 – i865PE Series

It is very important, we need it. This is about what the findings have been over our experience with skt motherboards, though there is usually a surprise to two when the Springdale beats the Canterwood. Under normal circumstances we found this MB to be very easy to work with, stable, and quite speedy, especially in booting up and shutting down.

Delivery Options see all. Once the initial setup was complete we started tinkering around. Capacity per Module see all. They are nicely situated about two inches below the memory. At this time we found another AI feature, AiUpdate.

Asus P4p Motherboard In Computer Motherboards for sale | eBay

Please provide a valid price range. More than anything else the socket lacks future potential, but if you are buying a hardware right axustek, or even within the next few months that does not really matter.

For parts or not working. More refinements More refinements This can be done without leaving the comfort of Windows.


Guaranteed 3 day delivery. Food and Drug Administration and state and local regulatory agencies. Second, by SPD, the computer set our memory at a lazy 2.

Asus P4P Motherboard | eBay

With the release of socket, and processors Pentium 4, socket componentry is no longer in the limelight. While these are no doubt the wave of the future they have yet to substantially beat out the performance of Northwood-based computers dollar-for-dollar. Show only see all.

Past or so the program is much less responsive, tends to freeze, or just not work. The setup we used was: Here is the motherboard, boxed, as we received it. It booted up and installed Windows flawlessly.

Here is the top right corner of the P4P SE. Immediately we ran CPU-Z and noticed two things. Compatible CPU Brand see all. Motherboard in excellent, clean condition.

With this superb memory we overclocked the system in increments of 2mhz from up to