The popular Shinza line of sleeves will fit this laptop, however with the 9-cell battery a larger sleeve would be necessary. Of course all your problems will disappear if you decide to invest in the optional 9-cell battery, simply lowering the LCD brightness a few notches will give you 7 hours of computing fun, more than enough for a day of use at school for myself. The touchpad From the picture you can also see the touchpad mouse buttons integrated just as smoothly, and when pressing in the right spot they are incredibly silent. Support Cd For Windows Configuring Your Lan For a laptop this small and with as much power as it has, I thought this was a great price.

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M5N | ASUS Global

Tip Your Asus netbook’s wireless connection may appear to be slow or inoperative due to applications and system utilities running in the background. Thus the journey ended with my choice of the ultraportable Asus M5N. Asus Probe Reference Restarting Or Rebooting I wierless recently entered the wonderful hobby of photography, and the laptop is more than enough for image processing, specifically using Photoshop for tasks such as colour correction.


More Features Properties Page Configuring Your Lan The Asus M5n on m5nn view larger image.

One caveat though, if you are in a course requiring the use of spreadsheets such as Statistics, a widescreen laptop would probably be preferable. Viewing Your Network Pc-cillin Feature Screens Wireless Lan Driver Setup The Asus M5n, no dead pixels yet larger image.

It is light, relatively powerful and indispensable I wjreless it to school everyday. The unit I purchased was a basic setup; essentially this simply meant as low as the computer shop would go in terms of hardware and price.

About Intelligent Update Bios Utility Help Using The Optical Drive The Dell m is one such laptop that retains many of the features and qualities of the M5N but with a wider screen.

Slow Motion Key The firewire port There are 3 USB 2. There are 3 USB 2. Accessed 28 December With the LCD at a comfortable brightness and wireless internet access enabled the battery will likely last less than an hour. With any of these profiles you still retain the ability to modify the laptops settings.


Resetting Your Bios Drivers And Utilities Log in to your operating system. Using The Battery Pack Warning Your wireless connections may not function even after the netbook’s Wi-Fi hardware is turned on using the “Hot” keys.

Edge Motion Properties Page Inserting A Pc Card pcmcia Though in the end, direless a great amount of time thinking about a suitable laptop for your needs is always a wise move.

Notes For This Manual Cpu Hotfix Setup 1 Of 2