Tried to install the network drivers manually, no success. There are no Windows 7 drivers for the HA on the Asus support site — just the bios for Windows 7. I am using a 4GB Kingston Pendrive. Aug 7, Messages: I have windows7 running good on my PC First, I selected the Troubleshoot compatibility.

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Windows 7 on EeePC A

Every time you click OK to dismiss the error, a new window with the same message appears. Windows 7 on EeePC. But there is another option on the program to instal from a file and this works well and quickly.

Nah, I am a nerd and want the latest and greatest. So just do a copy —and paste into PenDrive. I have also installed Windows 7 on my Eee pc Sd the 8gb one which I upgraded to 64gb. Aug 19, Messages: Plug the USB drive in, hold down Alt-F2 when you boot, this will open the automatic bios flash screen.

After the panic and stress was over, I tried looking again for information on what had happened and found this blog post: I highly recommended that you buy a new SSD to replace the built in one.


I loaded all of my programs and libraries to the larger drive when win7 was on the 8G, but I still ran out of space. My keys are working with 900ja Win7 icons. So copy the bios file from the Asus support site onto a usb.

I used ccleaner tot prevent the hot key services to start it worked. Once this driver was installed the Device Manager acpu drivers for all the components of the hardware.

Eeepc Asus Acpi Driver Missing

Without doing any real performance benchmarks, I can at least say it feels much faster than linux. The installation is actually remarkably winodws forward.

Right click your C: Aug 11, Messages: Thanks, I should have assumed people would have accpi that hint. Ellen, Aug 11, Tygorius, Aug 10, Start menu missing all titles. List Disk -which will list the disks including your Pendrive, as can be seen here its listed as Disk 1 with MB size.

meraTechPort: Installing Windows 7 on Asus Eee PC Netbook using Pendrive

If you get any error along the way, just remove the drive and repeat the process from start. I saw a few incomplete guides out there, including the one that I used to install Windows 7 on my acpl PC Just installed Windows 10 this week on my HE from Windows 7.


I decided to try with Pendrive. I was running the beta but don’t want to upgrade until I know this is fixed. It does most things I need for non development tasks. Just a note about the bios update.

The Asus program is useless for downloading the bios — you could sit there for days. The shipped version has somewhat poor hardware support, so updating to the most recent version BIOS at the time of writing is a good idea. Cancel reply You must accpi logged in to post a comment. Installed it in half an hour and the Asus Eee has never been faster.