They represent a new generation of Ascension trackers, designed with the latest. Miniaturized passive sensors – outputs unaffected by “power-line” noise sources. As a result their sensors can be attached. Specifications and other information are subject to change without notice. The calculations differ in the speed in which new tracking solutions are available for your use:

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Class 1, Type B. Measurement Rate is the rate at which the tracker acquires a complete measurement.

Ascension’s original 3D Guidance tracker — with full medical compliance for. Yes, trakSTAR allows you to append an external switch or button, to each data.

What do you mean by time stamping of records?

3D Guidance trakSTAR™

All attitude tracking – no inertial drift or optical interference. Do any of the trackers support a button mode? Its sensors are designed. What regulatory standards do 3D Guidance trackers meet?

3D Guidance FAQs

First generation trackers are notoriously susceptible to distorted measurements in the. What trackers make up the new 3D Guidance product line?


Outputs unaffected by composite materials. The 3D Guidance line includes three trackers: It tracks up to 8 six. Accuracies vary depending on specific transmitter-sensor configurations. Can we plug in any device and use your button? Here is a chart of key differences: How close can we put two sensors? The unit uses the power provided by the PC power supply and no additional power supply is required.

If you need extended range tracking, you can still obtain it by buying a Flock or. In previous generation ATC trackers, a position and orientation solution would only be available. Are 3D Guidance trackers compatible with legacy older model Ascension.

3DGuide TrakStar

PC Drive Bay; Uses. It is small enough to fit into the distil tip of a A virtual dice cube on your monitor mimics the motion of your sensor in free.

Occlusion and drift free: As stated above, it is specifically designed for close range applications. The tracking volume, measurement rate, sensors, and software interface can also ascensio adapted to your unique system requirements. What is the difference between measurement rate and update rate? If you did not find the answer to your question here, please contact us at. High metal immunity – no distortion from non-magnetic metals.


They represent a new generation of Ascension trackers, designed with the latest. Both transmitters enable six degrees-of-freedom. Contact us for assistance in using our Optimization Tools to minimize metallic distortion and noise interference. With previous generation trackers, there was no difference.

Sensors can also be unplugged and re-plugged into the electronics unit and data. No, we can provide on-board flash reprogramming of your unit for most upgrades.