The most frequently encountered problem with voltage-signalling UPSes e. Upon entering it, you should be logged in to your server! This event is generated when apcupsd detects that the UPS battery has been disconnected. Modification of the halt script is important so that at the end of the shutdown procedure, apcupsd will be called again to command the UPS to turn off the power. There is no apparent way to change the username.

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When utility power is lost, the UPS begins discharging the battery in order to support the attached load. Upon entering it, you should be logged in to your server! There are a number of things that you can do to check if the installation make install went well.

VRLA batteries are designed to recombine hydrogen and oxygen and emit only extremely small amounts of hydrogen under normal operating conditions. If apcupsd was properly installed, this standard halt script was modified to include a bit of new logic just before the final halt of the system. Wth addition, pcneet feature is that you can write your own scripts that will be automatically called by apccontrol before any of its own code is executed.

For the first item, check what your serial port device should be named. Note that this kext will be automatically removed if you uninstall Apcupsd using ‘ make uninstall ‘, allowing Apple’s monitoring tool to once again access the UPS. Thus, unexpected power less has to hit very narrow timing windows in order to trash an EXT3 transaction.


The installer will give you an opportunity start the Apcupsd service immediately. This is not the normal behavior of most computers as shipped from the factory. But it’s easy to prevent this, and you should. To use their shutdown program rather than the apcupsd supplied version, you simply edit:. The daemon will load automatically at the next boot. Your normal UNIX user ID must own the source tree directories, and you must have the normal development tools in your path.

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Additionally, you will run one instance of apcupsd on each of the machines you wish to be shut down. This is a critical step and must be completed by a reconfigure boot. If you see only one instance of apcupsd running, don’t worry about it as this is normal on most non-Linux systems, and on Linux 2. These options are not normally seen or used by the user, and are documented here only for information purposes.

If a device of that name does not appear, check that your UPS is powered on and that the USB cable is thag at both ends.

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This pcnwt also contains a hint file for Linux From Scratch, which could be helpful for other systems as well. In the course of using it, I have added information gleaned from apcupsd and information graciously supplied by APC.

After each write, the file is rewound so that the size of the file remains constant. An additional device-node-related problem is the use of dynamic minors. Use a pointed object such as a pen to do so. In Kern’s case, this was not necessary.


During installation, Apcupsd will automatically install a simple dummy kext driver designed to prevent Apple’s monitoring software from taking over the UPS. If this is not the case, you can either link it in appropriately yourself or explicitly call it from your rc.

To complete the testing, you should do a power fail shutdown of your system. Servers may fail to shutdown quietly during power failures if SNMP linuxx is lost.

Under no circumstances should the UPS be turned off during a run time calibration procedure! Any client run using the Net driver will shutdown when its wiith timers expire or when the NIS server shuts down, whichever occurs first. You will need to know the corresponding APC model number.

APCUPSD User Manual

It contains details on all the USB devices in your system including hubs internal and externalinput devices, and UPSes. Scrambling the leads on its serial cables was a cheap way to accomplish this — in fact, they tended to be wired so that if you tried a straight-through cable, opening a serial link to the UPS would be interpreted as a shutdown command!

When doing a runtime calibration with “older” batteries, APC Technical Support recommend doing a complete discharge and recharge first. If your UPS doesn’t appear in the list at all, check the obvious things: